The Benefits of Activated Charcoal

You have probably noticed the rise of activated charcoal in health & beauty products, even Zoo's top selling product (Teeth Whitening Powder) contains activated charcoal. I often get asked what activated charcoal is and how it works, so I've put together a summary explaining the activated charcoal we use here at Zoo Nurtured, and how it works in our products. 

We use an activated charcoal that's produced by burning coconut shells at a high temperature and then treated with oxygen. The result is a black powder with an increased surface area and free bonding sites. It is the available bonding sites that give activated charcoal the highly adsorbent quality, this means the charcoal 'binds-to' toxins as rather than 'absorbing'. So how does this help in health & beauty products? The adsorbent quality of activated charcoal means the powder binds to toxins and bacteria in your mouth or on your skin pulling these out. This can result in whiter teeth, a cleaner mouth, and clearer skin!


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